About dreamcats.org

What is dreamcats.org?

Dreamcats.org was a small server in the 90s that sat on the Interwebs, providing shells for a few people, long since having got shells of their own. The poor little box one day gave up and the domain lapsed. For reasons purely associated with nostalgia it was registered again, and a new box now has it’s name.

What is the dreamcats conspiracy?

There is no dreamcats conspiracy. Move along human.

Who’s on dreamcats.org?

root mostly, some other guys and gals too.

Where is dreamcats.org?

It’s in the cloud, what’s not to love?

What does dreamcats.org run?

Only smarties has the answer.

I’m signed up to a dreamcats.org mailing list, how do I unsubscribe?

Check your mail, there should be unsubscribe info in each email. If you haven’t got that info, try here. If all else fails contact aboos at dreamcats.org with a query and our crack team of perl scripts will get right to it boss!

Daftness from our own users

How do I login to dreamcats.org?

We use SSH. Try using telepathy to submit your public SSH key to Steve, or alternatively try email.

What can I do on dreamcats.org?

  • Make a .plan
  • Send yourself e-mail (note that we use Maildir here, so make sure your email client is properly configured)
  • Talk to other users with freetalk or irssi
  • Play games like netris, zangband or nethack
  • Host your own site (no dodgy pee-aich-pee mind!)
  • Make a fool of yourself on twitter with twidge
  • Surf teh internets with elinks, w3m or lynx
  • Run long term processes with tmux
  • Add hangout entries

Where’s the webmail?

Oh, you’re just a little charmer aren’t you? We don’t webmail. Learn to mutt, human.

How do I set up a web page?

Put your web site under public_html in your homedir. Visit it at http://homes.dreamcats.org/$your_username/$your_site. Be amazed at modern technology.

If you want a domain pointing at your site, contact Steve.

How do I access mysql?

E-mail steve for setup, then he’ll send you the secret access codes to the Gibson.

I lost something, are there backups?

Yes and no. System backups, yes. Backups for your files, no. If you ask Steve nicely or bribe him with beer he’ll do a restore for you.

Daftness from the Internet

Can I have an account?


Go on, I used to have an account on here!

No. If you really used to and you want to then you know who to talk to.

I have a question not answered here, can you answer it?